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歡迎的話 Warm Welcome

歡迎大家來到 ExpresSoul 藝 述 行 的網頁,感謝大家對表達藝術治療的關注和興趣。接下來的 日子我們的團隊會透過社交網站和網頁的形式跟大家分享有關表達藝術治療的資訊和分享,希望在ExpresSoul成立後能為我們的家 香港帶來一點快樂和改變。

Welcome everyone to the ExpresSoul's website and thank you for your interest in Expressive Arts Therapy and our service centre. Since it's the first blog of from our team, we would like to let you know that we will continue to share information about the Expressive Arts Therapy field and our sharing in this journey through this website and the social media. Please pay attention to our updates and I hope that you can support us through reading and sharing our blog.

Thank you again for your attention and I hope that we can work together to make Hong Kong a

better place.


from the ExpresSoul team

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