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Our visions and missions

藝述行」 是由幾位希望以多元藝術 和 心理治療服務香港社會的表達藝術治療師組成,我們希望通過不同的藝術媒介,鼓勵服務使用者表達他們潛在的情感和想法,並在過程中與治療師建立互信的關係,成為他們成長和前進的同行者。

ExpresSoul was form by passionate Expressive Arts Therapists who want to serve the Hong Kong society with arts and psychotherapy, to encourage the service users to express and explore their feelings through different ways. More importantly, to develop a trustworthy relationship and to walk with the service users in their path. 



      WE BELIEVE that each of us has the right to express freely, and not limited to the way of expression. Both verbal and non-verbal communications are essential in expressing emotions through different use of art modalities. Our service users are able to understand and express their thoughts and inner feelings more through different Art forms. They can eventually explore a wider range and develop their strengths, their uniqueness is being appreciated and can further empower the service user to gain insight.



      WE BELIEVE that the value of Arts are not measured by the quality. Instead, it is a way to express. Therefore, we believe that everyone has the right and ability to create art freely, regardless of their age, sex, nationality, religion and economic background, etc.



      WE BELIEVE Arts can achieve therapeutic effects. In the therapeutic process, the therapist will provide a safe and comfortable space for the service user. In the creative process, service user can experience different art modalities, to further explore and communicate with themselves in order to connect with their body, mind, spirit which can enhance self-understanding, gain personal growth and discover their own inner resources.



      WE BELIEVE that everyone of us has the need to be understood and to be accepted. Each of us are unique and has their own story. We want to be their listeners and accompany them along the way of therapy, without any bias and criticisms. We value and cherish everyone's uniqueness.


      People in Hong Kong came from diverse backgrounds with their own story. Through this platform, we hope to reach out to different people and bring Arts to the society. In the world of Arts, service users can explore and discover their inner strengths which help them to face challenges in the future.


We, the therapists hope to walk with every one of you and to be your guiding light on the path of therapy.

“Perhaps it is in the very chaos itself that new forms of life can emerge. Perhaps it is in darkness we can find the light. In the pain and the suffering, in everything that is dead and resists growth, in all this lies the seeds of new beginnings."
Carl Rogers
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